New Orleans is a city of intrigue. You can hear it in the sounds and smell it in the air. The atmosphere pulsates with the lives of the
residents:  sad and happy, dignified and humorous, sated and longing,
abused and nurtured—they’re all here in the Big Easy.
In a neighborhood not far off the usual tourist paths there
 is a sheltered courtyard surrounded by four apartments
 shop full of oddities. An ornate iron gate prevents strangers
 from entering Broussard Court. It is overseen by
Madame Clothilde Broussard Badeaux, hoodoo practitioner and protector of the neighborhood. She says “the spirits”send her
 the people who need help: the abused wife, the rape victim,
the bored computer tech, the plain young woman who wants
a love charm. But the spirits are sending signals that
Madame’s long life is coming to an end. Her heir is
a niece who doesn’t know Madame exists.
She is the granddaughter of Madame’s sister who
“passed for white” long ago. Now it will be up to her to protect the neighborhood and its inhabitans. She is THE NEW WITCH.

The New Witch Book Cover
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Tales From The Brazos

The Brazos River meanders, rushes, and slides along through Texas as it makes its way from New Mexico to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way it passes dry desert and verdant fields, isolated territory populated with only jack rabbits, tarantulas and coyotes, ranches, farms, small towns, big cities, rich, poor, sad, happy, whatever the human condition offers. The full name of the river is El Rio de los Brazos de Dios—The River of the Arms of God. 
It can protect life or take it away.

Tales From the Brazos is an ever growing series of stories that take place near the legendary river. Some will be humorous, others not-so-much. Each novel is a stand-alone story, although you may (or may not) meet characters from other books along the way. Those characters may appear only briefly, or they may play an important part. You can read the novels in any order; you won't miss anything important. I'll put the approximate year each one starts, but they don't have to be read chronologically. They are not written in order.
I write a book when a character stands up and waves his/her hands and yells, "Me! Tell my story next!"

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Betrayal on the Brazos

Book Cover Betrayal On The Brazos

(1875) Maggie Lancaster lives in Clear Creek, IL, where she teaches in a girls school and cares for her widowed father. When he is killed in an accident, she learns that her uncle has actually been supporting the family. When he asks her to go to Texas to care for her cousin Annabelle's children, she owes it to him to do it. When she arrives, she finds two precocious children and Annabelle's distrustful husband. Her cousin had run off with another man, but was soon found murdered. Everyone is a suspect.

When Maggie's suitor from back home arrives, she has a decision to make.  A clean novel with romance, mystery and humor. 
 Available on Amazon 

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Gussie and The Cherokee Kid

Gussie And The Cherokee Kid book cover

(1901) When Persephone Augusta Gomance is hired to accompany six-year-old orphaned Julia to Texas to her Uncle Travis, she thinks it will be  an easy job, but instead of a wealthy,married ranch owner, she finds a single  card-sharp. Words fly, and when  an unexpected telegraph arrives, trouble follows from all sides. Then Julia disappears, and Gussie and Travis put aside their differences to find her. A clean novel with romance and humor.

Available on Amazon

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The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage Bargain Book Cover

(1932) Spinster ranch owner, Dorie Barnett is being relentlessly pursued by her neighbor, who wants to marry her to gain control of her oil-rich land. Her solution is to propose marriage to her hired hand, thinking if she is married it will stop the harassment. Jonah Crandall is working as a ranch hand in order to find his sister's killer. Marriage to the boss-lady puts him in a good place to spy, and offers a home for his sister's little girl. They both think the marriage arrangement offers protection. They are wrong, the menace moves closer, and when the danger is over, it is their hearts that are at risk.

A clean romance with action and danger.
Available on Amazon

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Coming Soon

Look for these two in 2017

(1878) Working title: Wherever Life Leads. Rachel Veal and her two children leave Mississippi accompanied by her husband's young assistant, Will Bradley, to join her husband in Texas. They are quickly joined by Will's sister, Mina, who is fleeing her step-father. After a harrowing journey by covered wagon, they get to the Sutton Ranch to find that her husband has been killed, and it isn't long until Will and Mina's step-father tracks them down. Can the widow and two young people repel the evil man, or will they have help?

(1919) Working title: The Scandalous Inheritance. Alise lives in St. Louis and has been working as a bookkeeper at the Brown Shoe Company. When the war in Europe ends, the soldiers come home and women all over the country lose their jobs to the returning men. Alise is becoming discouraged over her problem finding employment in the post-war job situation, when a letter from an attorney in Texas arrives informing her of an inheritance from her aunt. She jumps at the opportunity to leave the anti-German atmosphere in Missouri, where she is has Americanized her surname in order to find a place to live and a job. But when she gets to Texas, she can't possibly think of running her aunt's business! And the rude soldier she met on the train comes to her door. What now?

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Contemporary Romance

The Memory of All That Book Cover

The Memory of All That

She wakes up in a park, not knowing who or where she is. When she finds an address in her pocket, she makes her way to what must be home, only to be told what a despicable person she is: a neglectful mother, an unfaithful wife, a conspirator who helped her lover steal important plans from her husband's company. Will her memory come back? She doesn't know if she want it to. On one hand, she wants the memories of her sweet little boy and her husband. On the other hand, she doesn't want to return to who she used to be. Her husband is going to keep her close until she remembers where her lover went with the plans to the government project. A clean romance/mystery.
Available on Amazon

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Book Cover Elements of Time        Book Cover Elements of Dimension      Book Cover Elements of Life
Elements Of Time            Elements of Dimension          Elements of Life
Available on Amazon        Available on Amazon             Available on Amazon
I have lots of stories in my head, but I am listing only those that are either published (digitally or in print or both) or those I have started writing and I hope to have out in the next year.  

All are in digital format, and some are in print.  Evenutally, all will be in print.

Thanks for checking out my site.














Nancy Smith Gibson is a transplanted Okie from Muskogee. Born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, she received her early education in Oklahoma City schools. She attended Linwood Elementary, Taft Junior High, and Classen Senior High School before moving to Hot Springs, Arkansas with her parents. She graduated from Hot Springs Senior High and afterwards attended Baylor University . She is active in the Melting Pot Genealogical Society and contributes articles to their publication, The Kettle. She has four children and four grandchildren and lives near Hot Springs with two dogs and three cats.



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